About Us


About Us

We are a private company with expertise in providing ICT Research, Project management, training, and Events. Our special focus is on supporting the growth and development of small and medium enterprises (SMEs), through the use of Information and Communications Technologies. We are based in Uganda and operate mainly in East Africa, though our services are offered globally through our partnerships with institutions such as ITC and SITA.

To lead in improving ICT development set ups in the East African region
To provide organizations, companies and individuals in East Africa with exceptional ICT Research, Project Management, Training and Events.

BDE Core Values

  • Efficiency
  • Hard work
  • Diligence
  • Honesty
  • Skillfulness
  • Commitment

Our Team

BDE uniquely brings together skilled personnel from different sectors of the economy to ensure effective implementation of developmental initiatives within the region while focusing on the use of ICTs. The master minds behind BDE have various skills which complement its purpose; we have experienced and passionate consultants, who derive their passion from client satisfaction thus making it possible for us to provide effective and efficient services. BDE continuously builds on its team of skilled personnel not only academically but more so with exhibited skills and expertise in its areas of focus.

Previous Assignments

BDE Consults is amongst the leading private companies in Uganda and East Africa that has fully worked with both national and multinational firms in the provision of ICT Research, Project Management, training, and Events. Our work ranges from bringing about innovations and economic development, to providing solutions through the use of ICTs. BDE Consults has had diverse and remarkable working assignments with a number of highly recognizable global firms such as those below.

IT Enabled Services

BDE was part of the team that carried out a research on IT Enabled Services (ITES) in Africa, together with Knowledge Consulting Limited, supported by the World Bank.


Evaluation Surveys

We carried out the evaluation of Hivos ICT Projects in Uganda, together with Mountbatten Ltd and SPAN Consultants based in the Netherlands.


Project Management

We have also managed a project for Malaria Consortium in Mobile Health by coordinating a team of developers and technical personnel to achieve the intended objective.


Evaluation Surveys

We have carried out both physical and phone evaluation surveys for Samasource in Northern Uganda.


Needs assessments

We carried out a needs assessment for DOT Global that gave birth to DOT Uganda.


Export Promotion of IT & ITES Sector

We have promoted the export of IT & ITES services from Uganda globally, through the NTF III and NTF IV Project


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