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The ICT in Transport & Insurance Expo

There is prevailing need for improving the Transport and Insurance sectors in Uganda. Uganda is a landlocked country relying heavily on road transport, which is used as the major system of transporting goods and people all over the country. Some urban roads are well built but characterized with traffic jam. Other rural roads are muddy. Uganda also has other transport systems like rail, water, and air but still not extremely developed. This means there is a lot to clear in the transport sector.

On the other hand, Uganda’s insurance sector that would guarantee security for her goods, services and people performs below its expectations due a number of factors.

We asked this question! “What if transport and insurance providers, policy makers, and users can be in one place at one time, can’t we find perfect solutions to develop these two sectors? Thus we invented the EXPO!

Upcoming Expo

The next ICT in Transport and Insurance Expo will be held in 2017.  Follow us on our websitehttp://expo2017.bdeconsults.com/ for updates.

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“The vision for our EXPO is to highlight the changing trends within the transport and insurance Industries, showcase technological advancements, and promote dialogue between service providers, Consumers and the government.”

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