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Whatever your goal is, we make it happen!

Business process outsourcing is when you entrust us with a business role so that we can accomplish it for you. Our BPO services are for both private and public bodies.

In BPO, we focus on data processes management ranging from digitization to transcriptions, translations, form filling, data entry, proof reading, and carrying out online surveys.

We know how difficult it is to manage data without ICT and this is where we come in to clean your shop and help you get rid of volumes of physical data or paper work. We can help you digitize your information, as well as keeping it safely.

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How We Work - Our Capabilities in BPO

BDE Consults is a regional ICT leader in East Africa, providing business process outsourcing services and training that pushes you “Into the future”. Our key capabilities include;

  • Great experience – We have provided BPO Services to small, medium, large, local, and global firms. - See whom we work with -
  • Skillfulness – We have the right capacity, team, and expertise to deliver.
  • ICT Research – we carry out ICT research to innovate perfect solutions that overcomes hindrances in the execution of our BPO Services.
  • Hard work - we ensure that the services are delivered timely and reliably.
  • Honesty - we honor our word in the provision of services to our clients.
  • Commitment - we exhibit high dedication in the work that we do.
  • Diligence - we are careful, thorough and persistent in service provision.

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