Okudiza Nabisalu Slum Outreach

About this Event

Theme: Promoting Good Hygiene and Better Health in Nabisalu Slum

Slogan: Okudiza Gubamwoyo-“It’s the heart that gives”

Thematic background for the Christmas Outreach

Slums are defined by the following outstanding characteristics: inadequate access to safe water, inadequate access to sanitation and other infrastructure, insecure residential status, poor structural quality of housing and overcrowding. It is an area that attracts a high density of low- income earners and/or unemployed persons, with low levels of literacy. Slums are also characterized by high rates/levels of noise, crime, domestic violence, drug abuse, immorality (pornography and prostitution) and alcoholism and high HIV/AIDS prevalence.

On this background therefore, BDE and DOT alongside its partners will carry out a 3 day community outreach in Nabisalu slum under the theme: Promoting Good Hygiene and Better Health in Nabisalu Slum from 12th to 14th December 2016, geared towards celebrating humanity and goodwill over the festive season.

We choose to do this because we realize that healthy citizens are more productive and that together, in small but significant ways, we can help our communities grow and our people prosper in greater ways. This is especially focused on the vulnerable and yet productive groups of people such as youth and women but nonetheless not leaving out, children, men, the disabled and other vulnerable groups.

Please refer to the attached activity schedule for the different activities that will be carried out in the slum. The outreach will also bring together different stakeholders working towards addressing the pleas of this marginalized community.

Event Program

Click on here okudiza-activities to view events Program!


Objectives of the outreach

  • To celebrate humanity and goodwill with the Nabisalu slum community and spread the Christmas cheer!
  • To promote a cleaner community with better waste management practices.
  • To create a sense of responsibility amongst slum residents
  • To promote good health and hygiene amongst slum dwellers for healthier citizens
  • To establish partnerships, collaborations and networking amongst the stakeholders.

Expected Outcomes

  • By close of the 3-day CSR activity, we hope more homes in the slum areas will be linked to partners that can address their concerns i.e. safe accommodation, domestic violence, unemployment, etc.
  • That we shall mold more responsible leaders within Nabisalu Slum, who are more informed about health risks, prevention and cure and those that will be more willing to support their communities.
  • Harmonizing partnerships between the different stakeholders who will be a part of the activities for future interventions within Nabisalu Slum and other slums in and around Kampala.


Volunteer Call

We call on all people to lend a helping hand, if you would like to volunteer on anyone of the days, please register with Julius Begumya at 0778711474 or Email us using this form.



To support this cause, please send money to either of these accounts and kindly indicate your name or company or organization.

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0755 901114 Name: Digital Opportunity Trust Uganda.


0773 984854 Name: BDE Consult Ltd.

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